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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question not covered here, contact All-American Tent & Rental at 812-299-1777.

Am I required to put money down to reserve my rentals?


To guarantee your reservation, a 50% deposit and a signed rental contract is required. The initial 50% deposit amount is non-refundable regardless of cancellation or decrease in size of the reservation. Final payment is due prior to the delivery and/or installation. A signed rental contract is required for accounts receivable clients.



How early should my order be placed?


The order should be placed 2 weeks prior to your event. For large events such as graduations and weddings, or during the months of May through September, orders should be placed even earlier to allow for proper planning. Weddings and graduations should be planned as far in advance as possible.



How late can I make changes to my order?


Any changes should be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery or setup.



Do I need a frame tent or a pole tent?


Many factors come into play here. Pole tents generally have a larger capacity than frame tents. Pole tents must use stakes to hold them up. Frame tents can use stakes or water barrels to hold them up. Pole tents require at least 5 additional feet around the tent for the stakes to be placed.



How big of a tent do I need?


Please refer to our tent capacity page for the capacity for both pole tents and frame tents.



How much space do I need for my tent?


Generally a minimum of 5' around the perimeter is needed for a tent. If you are looking for a 30' x 30' tent, you will need a minimum space of 40' x 40'.



Are side curtains provided with each tent?


Solid side curtains are provided in the cost of the tent. Cathedral curtains are available at a cost of $20 per 20' section.



Should the DJ and food be in a separate tent from the main event?


This is at your discretion. You should consider whether you want the DJ and/or food service located in the same tent as the main event. Will their presence in the main tent negatively affect the ambiance of the event? Available space also needs to be taken into consideration.



There are some overhead wires in the area I want to use. How much clearance do I need to allow?


Ten feet of clearance is safest for overhead utilities. Contact us at 812-299-1777 to get the approximate height for the tent you are considering.



Do I need to be concerned about underground utilities?


You should contact your local utility companies to mark any utilities in the area where the tent will be located. The first step our crews take when installing a tent is to spread it flat on the ground where it is to go up. Please have the area completely free of obstructions before we arrive on site. In a like manner, the tent must be totally empty before we take it down. Fees will be applied if these policies are not met.



Can you set up a tent on a paved parking lot?


Yes, if it is a pole tent then we must use stakes. For frame tents, we can use stakes or water barrels. Access to a water supply is necessary to fill the water barrels.



When do you set up and remove the tent?


Many factors such as flexibility of scheduling, size of the installation, and weather may effect when we set up. The same holds true for removal. For large events, we usually try to set up one or more days prior to the event. For weekend events, the tents are usually set up on Friday. Removal is done on Monday. For very busy times, such as graduation weekends and summer weddings, we may schedule your setup for an earlier time. We always strive to be flexible and try our best to accommodate the needs of our clients.



Is it possible to get my tent installed outside of your normal business hours?


Our crews set up and take down tents Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, between the hours of 8 PM to 5 PM. If your tent must be installed or taken down outside of these time frames, there may be an additional overtime labor charge. Prices vary per situation.



Can I set up the tent myself?


Only our specially trained and equipped tent crews will handle the setup and takedown of the tents. For insurance purposes, our crews must also set any stages and dance floors. Our crews can set up tables and chairs for an additional cost.



How much accessibility is needed to the event site?


The closer the better! Most backyard events usually require only driveway or street access. Larger events require a closer proximity. Between tent tops, poles, and equipment, some tents can weigh over 5,000 lbs. The larger tents require a forklift truck to raise them. This should be taken into consideration.



Should I use rectangular or round tables?


Rectangular tables are generally used for less formal events such as backyard birthday parties, graduations, family gatherings, etc. Round tables are usually used for more formal events such as wedding receptions and corporate reception/dinners. It is easier for guests to converse at round tables. We also have white linens available at an additional cost.


How many guests can sit at the tables?


We recommend the following for seating people:

5' round table - 8 people

8' rectangular table - 8 people



How high should a stage be for a wedding reception?


12" is high enough for attendees in the back to have a good view of people on the stage.



Is it necessary for the speaker to be on a stage?


It is not necessary, but it will be easier for the people in the back of the event to see the speaker if he is on stage. The length of the presentation should be considered as well. If the speaker will only give a short talk, it may not be necessary for a stage.



How large of a dance floor should I have?


Generally speaking, only about half of the attendees will dance at any one time. A rule of thumb is to provide 4 square feet of dance floor space for each person on the dance floor.



What type of lighting can be used for a nighttime event?


We have two lighting choices available. We have rope-type lighting and strings of ball lights for general illumination.



Do you set up the tents on delivery?


Setup and teardown of the tent is included in the cost. The lighting, dance floor, and staging are included in the rental price of those items. The setup of any other items such as tables and chairs will result in an additional charge. It will also be necessary for you to provide us with an advance notice and a detailed layout.



Is your company covered by insurance?


Complete Outdoor is not responsible for any loss or damage to any property placed under or near tents once installed. The lessee understands tents are temporary structures and may leak during heavy rains. The lessee is responsible for all damages to tent equipment due to negligence or vandalism and is liable for any repairs or replacement of equipment.



Who is responsible for the repair of any damaged property where the event was held?


We will fill in any holes left by the tent stakes. We cannot be held responsible for damage to lawns/landscaping caused by being covered by a tent or dance floor. We are also not responsible for damage caused by pedestrian traffic at the event.



What if there is a problem with any of your items during the event?


Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to rectify whatever problem may arise. We may be contacted through our office during regular business hours or by emergency pager or an emergency number at our office. If it is obvious that weather may be a problem, we may already be on our way to the site.


Can I obtain a list of references?


We will be happy to furnish you with a list of references upon request.

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